Evening my husband has C.I.S but his condition is getting worse. He is a bus driver and he is so worried if he losers his job he they day he now has MS. It’s his left side that is affect which he doesn’t use because yet bus in automatic. Is there any bus drivers out there that still drive a bus?

hi laney

your husband needs to seek legal advice.

if he is in a trades union, that would be the logical place to start.

however maybe DIAL (disability information and advice line) could help too.

i think the ms society has something similar.

carole x

Don’t know whereabouts you live, but when I want to get on the bus with my wheelchair, a driver has to get off and lower the ramp manually. I know in London say, its different. If he has to say the lady in the wheelchair who has MS; sorry love I can’t manage that…well time to have a re-think. Its a Public Service Vehicle and its the public who may be at risk - thats how they will look at it.

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I get he is worried about losing his job, never a good thing, but when the job is dealing with the public it becomes more complicated and you have to take the public’s safety into concern. he needs to report his health to the DVLA and his employer, there are so many legal things to deal with. I am reminded of the waste disposal driver in Glasgow that ended up killing people and hadnt disclosed his condition to his employer. people with MS do drive, but its probably more of an issue when dealing with the public and driving a bus. Might never get MS but if he is getting worse it could still be an issue.



difficult situation but the bigger picture needs to be addressed-not just self

the legal stuff is there to protect the drivers and their passengers.