Lonely and anxious

Sometimes, no that is a fib, most of the time, I feel so alone. I have had ms a long time and still I do not really understand my body.

My support network is wonderful. I have a great partner, a beautiful family and a few very good friends however I feel as my ms progresses the gap widens between us and I can not communicate how I feel. I feel they have had enough of my woes, my elements, my neediness. I have had enough of it as well. I have no fight left to fight this ms and all the problems that go along with it. Feeling sad.

I can normally kick myself up the *um, tell myself it could be worse but I am struggling right now.

What do you do to combat the ms blues?

Hello, Isn’t it sad that we can be surrounded by people and yet feel so alone? I think you may be right in that it boils down to communication. Do you not tell your family and friends how you feel because you can’t put it into words? Or are you holding yourself back because you think that they may have had enough? It doesn’t matter if you have the MS blues or normal blues, talking to people on this Forum is a handy way to get them out of your system. How long have you had MS and how does it affect you? I promise not to kick you up the um if you reply. Regards, Anthony

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Yes there’s always somebody here if you want to unload, I’m coming up to my 12 month anniversary of my dx and things have progressed more than I thought they would and if I get a new symptom I only ask on here and I get an answer and a kind word from someone who has been there, don’t be afraid to use the forum no question on here is a silly question and there is always a kind word and no kicks up the bum

Everyone gets down Anon, we just have a bit more to contend with. On here, we are all in the same boat, we can tell all our worries, ask about meds etc, the list is endless. Those around us have difficulty in understanding MS, they don’t know how it affects us, impacts our lives & in turn, impact theirs. People have trouble knowing how to address issues, we have all probably done it ourselves, indirectly, at times. Illness is a bit of a taboo, people either come over lacking empathy or pretend to be sympathetic, in truth, they are afraid of it. You are still you, a tad battered & worn maybe, but you. Maybe you are beating yourself up worrying about how your loved ones are feeling, by the sounds of it they are a pretty good bunch & I’m sure if you were annoying them, they would say. So, we know here what it’s like, we will be here when you need us & actually you have just become part of our motley crew by joining the forum. Sometimes it’s just nice to know others know where your coming from, moan, yell, scream & pretty much vent all you like here, we understand & won’t take offence, your not alone, don’t be so hard on yourself, Tracey xx

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but is your support network wonderful - is your partner great - is your family beautiful? If the answer to all this was ‘yes’ then you wouldn’t feel alone. The problem may be, as you say, you can’t communicate how you feel and communicate what your needs are. Or, more likely your supporters/partner/family are taking your m.s on their terms not on your terms - they are not seeing or acknowledging your needs at this time. People sometimes have a problem with accepting that someone is unhappy/unwell and has needs. Generally people prefer it if we appear all-singing all dancing and will disregard the things about us that they feel uncomfortable with. Ask yourself what one thing you’d like those around you to acknowledge about yourself, something they are probably avoiding at the moment.

Hi I reckon the best two tablets I take each day are my antidepressant s I can easily slip into being fed up and I have some great mates wife who does everything for me and a fantastic family grand children etc etc. Have a word with your GP or your MS Nurse.


I am sorry that you are struggling. MS is such a lot to contend with and remember that depression among those diagnosed is common. Maybe, like me, you are worried that if you discuss it all with your family and friends, you will push them away? Then, I agree with all of the above answers…this forum is truly beneficial.

Also, are you ready to find a local MS group? and/or ask your GP for some counselling sessions? Do you have time to join a yoga class, or would you find mindfulness meditation helpful (there are some good apps on line)? Most importantly, be kind to yourself and ‘off load’, as often as you can. You are not alone. Warmest thoughts Ali

Thanks for all your helpful comments. I have seen the doctors and they are fixing me up with a counsellor to talk to and given me some tablets. Its been a horrible horrible horrible time lately. I hope it will be quick and counselling will help. Thank you for listening. I feel less lonely.

Big big hugs. Just to say I truly understand how you are feeling. I really hope the pills & counseling help. If you are able it will be great to hear how it goes. Finding ways to deal with with having ms I think is the hardest bit.


Thank you . Hugs very much appreciated xx

sincerely hope things improve - But consider this - could it be that your family etc. are responsible to some extent for your unhappiness. It may be that they are getting it wrong - they are not seeing/meeting your needs - if that’s the case then you should stop blaming yourself. Very often other family members will react to the way the ‘dominant’ family member responds to our m.s. If this person is getting it wrong then it’s likely others are doing the same.