London underground

Hi, Just wondering what peoples opinions are of the london underground. I have to travel to Uxbridge from Edinburgh and will most likely be taking the train. Am I right in thinking that I’ll only need one tube train between Uxbridge and Kings Cross, and that I’ll be able to access the underground platform at Kings Cross via the lift. I can’t walk great distances and the down elevator isn’t an option for me (I don’t trust my balance enough to get on it, but I’m fine going up them). The other option is to fly, but as Heathrows huge I’ll need to sort out special assistance when I’m there, this might be the better option though. Its been a while since I been in London (last time was in my pre MS days) when I didn’t need to travel with meds and wonky legs so feeling a bit nervous, but guess I’ve got to do it one day :slight_smile: Thanks for your help!!!

Hello, go onto the transport for London website journey planner. I believe it is one train to Uxbridge on the Metropolitan line. It states that Uxbridge is step free and that there are lifts at King’s Cross. There is also a customer services line: 0343 222 1234. I hope this is helpful. I love the train journey from Waverly to King’s Cross-especially the bit where it goes past Lindesfarne. The last time I made use of the Malt Whisky society shop-not these days though! Good wishes, Steve.