London to Paris Cycle

Hi All,

Is there anyone out there who knows of a London to Paris Cycle Ride for people who have a disability ?

Although I have MS, I’ve been wanting to do the Paris ride for years, but I know I couldn’t do it in 4 days / 95 miles per day.
The other riders and organisers would get fed up.
The 24 hour ones sound like a blast, but clearly I don’t have a prayer :slight_smile:

Fortunately I can still turn a decent pedal at around 13mph average, and could probably make it in about 6 days.
The hills are obviously the killer for anyone with MS !

Even if there isn’t an organised Charity Ride available, I would be more than happy to hook up with anyone else, who has some mates doing a DIY event.
I’ve dropped a mail to the MSSociety organisers to suggest it, but they didn’t seem that keen. We’ll see.

Thanks in advance