coast to coast cycle.

Hi, I’m currently cycling coast to coast .Whiteheven to Sunderland. I was up in the moors today and was thinking how much that place is like having MS .the weather was very gloomy today and like MS is very unpredictable. The climbs and descents all like the ups and downs of MS . currently recovering in a bed and breakfast ready for the last 50mile tommorow. My MS hasn’t got bad during the rides but very tired at night. Would love to hear from a few other people who cycle . wish me luck! Tom

Good luck on your trip, I hope you are being sponsored for MS and if so you manage to raise loads of money. Janet x

Thanks ,i’m collecting donations for cancer (current charity picked at work). I plan to do a solo Scotland ride in the late summer for MS . All depending on how my MS copes with this ride.

Wow well done! Enjoy the last 50!!

Hi mcewthom!

That’s awesome! You should feel very proud of yourself.

I understand your thinking about the ups and downs of MS being like the moors, but I do feel that I should defend the moors, cos I love them (I live within Dartmoor National Park).

I love moors and mountains. For me, they offer the challenge of the ascent and, once I’ve reached the peak/ summit, the chance to survey the beautiful scenery that surrounds me. Of course, I always feel a terrific sense of achievement- especially now that I have RRMS.

As you’ve tackled this challenge on bike, expect some very achey muscles- quads especially. Dare you to finish with a nice ice bath.

Anyway, enjoy the last 50!

Best wishes

Tracyann x

Hi Tom! I off road mountain bike, I have only recently been diagnosed with MS… And there are the days when my leg plays up and I can’t do it, but determined to get as good as I can be at it and keep going! I love it the relaxation, unbelievable views make the uphill climbs all worth while - just starting to organise a few of my biking friends to to the mountain bike coast to coast challenge. Your comparison with MS is so true! Never thought of it that way!! Enjoy the last stretch! Lynsey x

That is great Tom I take my hat off to you.

I was an avid cyclist at one time, racing, touring charity rides etc. Was dx’d with MS 16 years ago which put a stop to the racing but still get out when I can, which is few and far between. Last big ride I did was the C2C Maryport to Whitley Bay in 7 hours.

Keep it up mate and do as much as you can for as long as you can, I’m convinced cycling kept the MS at bay longer than it may otherwise have been and still continues to do so!!