Living with frustration

Has anyone else lost sensation in their hands and feel frustrated while using them?

I had transverse myelitis the other year and my hands feel like im constantly wearing a thin pair of gloves now, they also spasm sporadically.

Has anyone any tips on how to live/ cope with this, not let them stress me too much?

Crumbs, yes. One of my first relapses left me with permanently reduced sensation in hands and it’s particularly bad in both the little and ring fingers. When the relapse was at its worst, I could hardly feel anything in my hands and that really was nasty.

My days of being able to rummage in a purse for change without looking went there and then, and don’t talk to me about buttons - it takes me an age to do one up and I couldn’t sew one on to save my life. Luckily for me, I got enough proprioception back to be able to touch-type again rather clumsily, but never back to my old speeds. Legible handwriting is also a thing of the past - that fine control just isn’t there any more. It is very frustrating, but it’s been like that for a very long time, so I should be used to it!

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Im sorry to hear that happened. Its tough losing something you use daily.

My hands worked but had annoying glutches before the relapse, at the time my right hand was useless, mostly back. Couple more twitches, the feeling, the dropping… im getting stressed thinking about it.

I concentrate too hard when writing, think im starting to work this mind to hand telekenisis thingy.

Its a constant reminder every time i have to use them.

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Yes, that’s the thing - isn’t it? - it’s the constant reminder. :disappointed:

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I do get a little too angry at them to be honest but, Just work already.

I wonder if its possible to get used to it

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Oh yes, that was an early one for me. Left hand; I had to re-train my hand/brain as to what was what - for instance, what is the correct amount of grip to pick up this bottle/glass - best try this with a plastic bottle full of water (with the lid off) over the sink/bath. There are still things that are a pain in the everything - Buttons, high up on the list with Zip pullers, pencils, pretty much anything cylindrical in fact. I have changed the drinking glasses at home to either a square profile or handled mug types, much easier to get to grips with.

I am not allowed near the hob - early days of this, the ability to feel heat with my left hand/forearm went awol for just shy of a year, it has now resolved to a delayed reaction to heat, almost like my brain as to look up the correct code for “get the hand off the hot object!”.

Washing the dishes for me was always fun. The relapse forced me to get a washing machine. But hey, its part of living with this disease i guess

Zips without pull cords are impossible if im not staring at them. I just have to stop being angry at them, its not their fault

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