Living Will

Seen a reference to ‘living will.’

What is a living will and how do you make one?


Hi - stenovski. I mentioned this in a post. It’s all about what you would like to happen with your health and social care should you not be able to make these decisions yourself should your cognition fail. So it is not left up to your family to decide as you have already made the decision when you were able. The post was in reference to aladyhaving to decide whether her husband should be admitted to a care home as despite her very best efforts was struggling to cope. Extremely difficult and stressful decision for her to make. Her husband was unable to make decision himself so that is where a living will could help. You can also have living wills for things like should your swallow become unsafe would you want a peg tube I.e feeding tube put in your stomach or not. Don’t know how you make one. I would look on cancer websites like Marie curie or just google it. I am just going to type mine out - let husband and family know Really sad sad awful subject Hugs Min xx

Google ‘advance directive.’ The info on the website is usually good and reliable and is one of the first results you will get. Alison x