Final stages

Please help me, my husband was diagnosed with SP in 2005. He also has epilepsy -gran mals. Over the past years he has steadily declined and now he is immobile, doubly incontinent, has no cognitive processing and very little speech which he tends to repeat what you say or he gets words back to front or mixed up - there is very little to be fair. He still has some appetite but is a poor eater and drinks only when promoted. I do all his care with support, I do everything in the home etc
I have power of attorney for finance and health. He has a DNR in place but I want to make a living will too. I feel he is declining quickly and don’t know what to expect, my ms nurse is very little help
Do I need to make a living will with him?
What should I expect next? I would welcome any advice or support thank you so much x

Sorry to hear that you are having to deal with all this by yourself, you have my admiration. I wonder though if it is too late to make a living will now as he is not able to communicate his wishes. We have POA too, but I am wondering now if that is enough, everything is so complicated. Maybe trying phone the MS helpline? They may be able to offer more information. I would think that its very difficult to predict just what is going to happen next but maybe ask for a telephone appointment with his neuro? Your MS nurse should be first point to ask about an appointment. Ask for support, they must know what is available in your area. Recently I had a phone call with my husbands MS nurse and all sorts of assistance has appeared. Never had a lot of help in the past though, just depends I guess. Sorry to hear that you are not getting much help from them to date but be persistent. Best wishes, hope you get the help and support you need soon. Regards