living in squalor

hi My previous post wasnt very helpful but wanted someone to tell me if they know if it is normal for my husbands behaviour with ppms as he lives in squalor but dont know if to do with ppms or if he just lives like that. I separated from him over a year ago because of living like this and its just got a lot worse. He was living like this before his diagnosis in 2018 and I was always just cleaning up after him. I tell him its not normal and dirty but he just says he doesnt want to live like this and he will change, but still hasnt. His house is dirty, there is rubbish everywhere and clutter in every room. I dont know if I should go back to him. If it is because he is ill then i will but if it is just because he cant be bothered Im not so sure as I need to think of myself too, without sounding too selfish. Question is, is there anyone else who is experiencing this?

Hi Sawn, if you or someone you know, is finding personal care difficult, ring Social Services for help

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