liver function test

Hi, in early October, I had a full blood test and flu jab. Ok so far.

When I went for the results I had to have a repeat liver function test taken. I have only just rung for the results.

My regular GP was off when the test came back…

So the receptionist said, It was passed to your GP from the other doctors. She was only back yesterday and is going through her in tray. Can you ring again tomorrow and Ill let her know you will be ringing.`

So that makes me think there must be a need for some action. Whenever Ive asked for results before and there was a normal outcome, theyve said to me no further action needed.

Of course I have googled raised ALT levels and am unsure of what Ive read. Theres talk of hepatitis.

Can anyone offer an aswer? I do realise that I maybe asking a lot… or risking filling my brain with unnecessary worry.

luv Pollx

Poll, Some of the meds you are on will probably require regular tests for liver function. Fingers crossed it is this that might have made some difference. Anyway, we are jumping the gun - hopefully things are okeydokey.

I told the receptionist that I`ll be ringing just before lunch.Not too long to wait.

Ta for your support.


It can mean many things but most often the signs of a fatty liver…not uncommon in people who have either lost or need to lose weight. But the most bizarre things can lead to elevated readings including medications, especially paracetamol, certain anti biotics and as I found…coca cola !!!

Hi Poll,

I have had abnormal liver funtion results twice now and remember I’m the (almost) MS fraud around here and both times I was just told to stay off alcohol (I don’t drink that much anyway - one glass every other month is about it) and not to take paracetomol (don’t take it much either only when headaches are too bad and even then its mostly ibuprofen). Both times it sorted itself out. Second time the doctor sent me for an ultrasound of all my internal organs which came back all ok, which is nice to know but useless for the problem I actually went to see him about in the first place.

I think its just one of those things that can be easily upset. Don’t worry your redhaired head about it til the doctor tells you there is a serious problem.

Take care hun

JBK xx

Try not to worry Poll, there could be any number of reasons for raised LFTs. Wait and see what your gp says tomorrow or today if your reading this tomorrow lol. My husbands always getting raised LFTs…he’s on all sorts of medication that plays havoc with is blood tests.