LIVE STREAMING of DEMO at Atos Headquarters in London Today…

LIVE STREAMING of DEMO at Atos Headquarters in London Today…


Oh Sparkledust that’s great!

Thanks for posting. Has it been on any news broadcasts??? I missed 6 o’clock news.

Pat x

I missed it too, although I’ve posted another link by ITN show a scuffle at the demo…

You can see it too on you tube!!


Great post, used the link and watched both vidios. There are small refererences to this on the BBC and ITV news at 6pm, but it should be in all the papers tomorrow. Whats the betting it won`t ? if any mention is made it will be 3 lines.


I can’t understand the psychology of us the public who would sooner read or listen to a protest by one woman about her husband taking her to dignitas to commit suicide. But when many people protest about the many deaths caused by ATOS actioning this Governments futile attempts to alleviate the economic turmoil; as tipsy say’s it will probably only get three lines in a paper.

Can we blame the media for feeding us what we want?

If we do not have any influence on the way that this bloody firm ATOS interpret their KRA next year we will have them taking away our DLA; oh sorry PIP.

Get angry people; while people like Phillip Green can earn £35 Billion and then put it in his wife’s name that lives in Monaco; result Income Tax avoidance perfectly legal but morally repugnant; we will have our DLA taken from us; have no doubt.

Funny old life ain’t it.


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, George, people need to get angry.

I understand that illness and fear can be paralysing, but we have to try. If enough of us complain, even via email or petition, we will eventually be heard.

Majority rule? (apathy kills) x