Atos protesters clash with police at DWP

Getting nasty?

Hi Not too peaceful a protest was it? Will that help. I am not sure.

Oh, God, I hope so. Well if ITN are covering it, at least the news is actually in the main media at last.

I would love to have been there. x

Maybe it’s just as well I wasn’t there.

I’m so angry I’d probably have been arrested for calling Atos and The Government Nazi

b******s and for inciting a riot!

I am all for peaceful protest, but find your comments perfectly reasonable under the circumstances and surely represent a widely held view.

Its good that it was on both BBC and ITN news, even if only momentarily. It should be splashed on the front pages of the dailies, but then again pigs might fly.


Way to go; more of it and worse. This matter will shoved under the carpet with passive protests; it is not news if agressive protest is not involved.

MLK was a brilliant one off; the French not only protest aggressively they have introduced the robin hood tax.

I’m too old now but sparkledust thank you for advising everything that’s happening.


You’re welcome, George.

I’m just praying it won’t fizzle out.

All we can do is try. x