Lipoic acid

Hi does anyone use Lipoic Acid?

If so how much do you take?

I would appreciate thoughts on this supplement.


hi it doesnt look like you have had an answer i did a search for it on the forum and found this it might help.

Hi CC Thank you. I have been looking at supplements in desperation to slow decline. I am too old for anything else!

I am waiting for a mri and siponimod was mentioned but I won’t hold my breath as I was turned down for Cladribine two years ago.


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I take alpha lipoic acid. I take 300mg a day. 600mg a day seems to be standard for many of the medical trials with it, though, for a range of conditions, not just ms. Apparently it has a short half-life so perhaps I should be taking 300mg twice a day. It should be taken on an empty stomach.

I do however also take L-carnitine, L-arginine and N-acetylcysteine, as I’m doing an all-round approach, rather than a blitz with just one thing. They all work in slightly different ways, but all are powerful antioxidants, and are neuroprotective and help regeneration of neurons.

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