Do you take supplements?

My diet is not what it should be, fatique means I do not always eat a balanced diet. Am only on Amtriptyline at moment so no alcohol for me, even before I was taking them alcohol did not agree with me, so miss my red wine, but it’s just not worth it, seems to make my symptons worse. Anyhow, I have got some Vit D3 but going to get my levels tested first, also going to give them to my boys. Thinking of getting some other stuff, but was wondering what other people take? Thinking of a pro biotic and maybe fibre to help my bowel problems, something to help with fatique and memory. Any suggestions?

Good morning Apple I take: 20,000 iu vitamin d 3 twice daily - prescribed for me when levels found to be low. Husband also takes some other vitamin d not as much. As as we can’t get enough vitamin d from our diet. Have to rely on sun as the major source. Speaks for itself probably a lot of people won’t get enough. Magnesium 250mg after the wonderful people on this site mentioned it could help with stiff legs - and it did no more nightly stiff legs B12 - 6,000 mcg after reading b12 thread on here. Only third day. Not sure of effect think it might be boosting my energy levels which is great. Fish oils - I believe no ms evidence for these but evidence in other areas of health I believe they are a good thing to take. Goodness I have also found in my tablet cupboard some I have never taken Alpha lipoid acid and n acetyl l carnitine . Now why on earth did I buy those me thinks? Hope this helps Hugs Minxx

I take:

  • 5,000iu alternating with 10,000iu a day of D3 because D3 can help reduce relapses. [5,000iu is the most commonly recommended dose, but I needed a bit more to get my levels to 150nmol/l.]

  • 100mcg a day B12 because it might help repair cells. [MSers are more likely to be B12 deficient than non-MSers. Taking a B12 supplement will treat B12 deficiency, but there is no evidence that it will do anything for MS.]

  • calcium because my levels tend to be on the low side and there are oesto problems in my family.

  • omega 3 because it’s supposed to be good for the brain & cognitive function (although there’s no evidence that it helps MSers and I’m not sure I’ll continue once this batch is finished).

  • 400mg of B2 a day for migraine (recommended by my migraine neuro; and wonderful it has been too! although it doesn’t work for everyone).

Just so you know, alcohol is fine. A fair number of MSers stop drinking because of balance etc, but it won’t do any damage in itself. (There was a big study reported last year I think that showed that MSers who drank alcohol actually did better than those who didn’t. Coffee was OK too. Smoking was not OK.)

As far as I know, the key thing to give your kids is D3 and a healthy, balanced diet. If their diet is less than ideal, then a multi-vitamin probably wouldn’t go amiss. As far as D3 doses go, it’s 5,000iu for teenagers and adults and 1,000iu for every 25lbs in younger kids according to the vitamindcouncil website.

Please beware taking too many supplements - many of them have side effects (some potentially nasty) and combinations of high doses has not been trialled so may have unexpected consequences.

If you are going to supplement and get blood tests, leave it at least 4 weeks till you get tested because most supplements will take at least 2-4 weeks to have an effect.


Karen x

@Min: some people think that alpha lipoid acid and n acetyl l carnitine are good for fatigue so I guess that’s why you got them? I’ve no idea if they help though - I’ve never tried them and I’m not sure that the person who told us about them or anyone who then tried them ever posted again about results. I vaguely remember that you need to take a hefty dose to get any effect, but not sure.

Thanks Karen - just started B12 so I’ll wait to see the effect of that if any before I start anything new Min xx

Hi Apple,

I pretty much take what Karen takes but at lower levels, I get Tinnitus quite easily on higher doses (which is a pain the ear. ho ho.).

I also take half a tspn Ceylon cinnamon a day. This is really good for inflamation and provides a lot of other health benefits. I’ve been using this for the last month and I am convinced that this is really benefitial. Rush University are currently doing research on this. I feel good. I’m obviously in remittance at the moment but I think my regime is helping.

I also avoid wheat, sugar and dairy products. I limit my caffeine to three cups of green tea a day and I excercise as much as I can.

Hope this helps,

Adrian :wink: