Neuroprotection options

Hi guys

im not diagnosed yet but if it turns out to be Ms I want to do whatever I can to help so I have been reading about neuroprotection and any possible supplemenets etc out there

so far this is what I have found

n acetylcysteine - helps raise glutathione levels and lower glutamate

tumeric - inflammation buster

cinammon - has been shown to stop EAE in mice and also affect progress in Parkinson’s and possibly Ms

Saffron - again possible neuro protectant

l theanine / inositol - these help increase gaba, gaba is lower in patients with Ms and gaba and glutamate work against each other, this supports the idea of lowering glutamate and raising gaba glutathion etc, gaba doesn’t cross blood brain barrier but this stuff has

MitoQ - this is coq10 which helps the mitochondria in the cells

there are others but I’ll say more again and also do your own research on these as this is all based on what reading I have done so may not all work, there are trials in statins, lowering gluten also helps lower glutamate and people have found succes with Viagra but then that’s a hard one to comment on

There’s also alpha lipoic acid whixh is being trialled in spms at 1200mg a day worth a look possibly

All this centers around glutathione and ocidative stress really but again don’t take my word on it I’m no expert

Yes Kris, I am believer neuroprotection is the key to all sorts of neuro problems such as MS, parkinsons etc.

I like you have no clear diagnosis. Although one neuro thinks I could have neurodegeneration in the area were I had radiation treatment 25 years ago. Neurodegeneration mainly happens in areas which have sustained damage in the past and neurodegeneration increases with age. Neurodegeneration is oxidation caused by free radicals. The number of free radicals increase as we age. We therefore need to take more antioxidants to fight the free radicals.

Anyway I take

MitoQ, Dr Mercolas anitioxidant pack (Anthaxin, Ubiquinol &a reversatrol). I also take non-denatured whey protein powder which is supposed to increase ones ability to make glutathione which is supposed to be the mother of all antioxidants. There is a product called MAX GLX that is supposed to key start major glutathione production. I have not tried it yet though.

I am also on the biotin, B12 VitD, macca green tea and a few other things.

Moyna x

Hi moyna

i read about reservation but read conflicting reports on it? I also surprisingly enough have ordered the whey protein you spoke about

there are some other bits and bobs I read about too which looked good I’ll have to have a look at threm and let you know

ive also read more reports about glutathione and glutamate and their rolls

nothings helping me right now though as I seem to be getting worse so was going to try Ldn too as loads seem to have success with that

Hi Kris,

Are you the Kris that has been quizing the mouses@barts about glutathione etc I was reading it today and found it very interesting. It sounds like they have something coming along the pipeline on this.

What did you hear about reversatrol that was not good ?

Please keep me informed about what you find out ?


Moyna x

Hi moyna

yeah that’s me lol Im determined to get some info off them but they’re being very cautious about saying anything

theres a lot of current trials that center around glutamate glutathione etc

alpha lipoic acid is one that’s being trialled, 1200mg a day as a neuroprotective