Hi All,

Feeling sorry for myself waiting for MRI results…Not been dx, however the symptoms are awful fatigue is the worst. Totally lost at the moment miss work.Been off 10mths, and not sure if I can do my job as a nursery nurse anymore. See my GP next Wednesday so hope to hear some answers.

Some of you on here work, how do you do that? I find simple tasks hard work and all I want to do is just rest. Sleeping is not good, have loads of pain in my legs. Will tell my GP about how I have been. Money is a worry also, two teenagers, and my husband only works part-time!!!

Sorry to moan,but I am close th tears.


I wish I knew what to say. Sometimes life’s just really bloody hard :frowning:

Are you at least claiming all the benefits you’re entitled to? (ESA, DLA, and whatever else.)

Have a look on-line for the DWP benefits checker or something like that - if you answer some questions, it’ll tell you what you’re entitled to.


Karen x

Just about to click on “Post” when I realised that it might help to know that, a very long time ago, I had to retire from work because of fatigue (mainly). However, it hasn’t been the disaster that I thought it might be. Not only has my fatigue come and gone over the years, I have changed careers twice and managed to achieve all sorts of things. So I know it’s horribly tough right now, but there’s a good chance that it will get better. Hang in there!


I am sending you a (hug) also. What an awful time for you.

Perhaps hubby could work full time and take the pressure off you?

CAB can help you with benefit advice. If you have a mortgage with critical illness cover you could get your mortgage paid off when you have a diagnosis.

I gave up work at diagnosis as i had a new baby and there was no way i could have looked after the kids and gone to work as well. I was too tired and my head was all over the place with the diagnosis and new baby. I was a total wreck to be honest.

My hubby had to change his job as our circumstances had changed so much. It was a worry at the time but it all worked out for the best.

There are medications available to you for the pain in your legs and also for the awful fatigue so please ask your gp to help you with this or refer you to a neuro or ms nurse for help.

The time around diagnosis has been the worst for me so far. Be kind to yourself and put your health first and don’t feel guilty about it.

You may feel well enough to return to work at some point when they have sorted out your medication. You may be in relapse at the moment so don’t rule it out yet. It’s very early days. Take it easy and theres no need to make any drastic decisions atm. Time will tell as to what you think you can manage.

Take care


Thanks Karen and Teresa,

I get ESA, but not claimed for DLA will have a look online…Never had to claim for anything until recently…Always worked and been busy, but these symptoms are horride, would not wish them on anyone…We are all miserable at home feel so sorry for my family.I think when a Mum gets ill it turns the whole family upside down.

I would love to help others and give support and care to people who are in the same boat…Everyone on here is so helpful and caring…