limbo land not a great place to visit.

Hi wanted to share with the community out there what I am going through at the moment. Two years ago I had a period of neuropathy which lasted 3 months , this left me with a numb left foot ., which sometimes bothers me on and off. Six weeks ago I had a flu type illness or what I felt to be viral . Since then I have had extreme exhaustion which I have never felt before . By numb left foot is even worse . I have tingling sensations in both hands and feet , which is moving up to knees and arms . My arms and legs feel weak, difficult to type . My face feels numb and is also tingling , this is moved to my lips . My nose also feels like it has been punched . My upper chest is tight and my neck is stiff and painful . My arms are also tight just above the elbow. I have tingling over other parts of my body as well. My feet/ hands go from burning to feeling ice cold especially when tired. Also after hot showers I can feel so exhausted I have to rest . I also struggle with balance and have really bad travel sickness as a passenger even in front of car . Sorry for going on , it makes me sounds like i am crazy . Feels so stressed been off work for 6 weeks . It makes life so difficult , I sure most people feel that it is in my head . Gp first gave me anti-depression tablets, but they didn’t help so stoped taking them. He has referred me to a neurologist , but thinks it is more like chronic fatigue syndrome. I am not sure myself . All tests have come back normal , as they did 2 years ago . Did see a neurologist then but all test she did came back normal . Didn’t have MRI last time so hopefully will get one . A friend of ours had MS and she has put that thought in my head. Sorry to bother you.

Hi Peter, Im new here too.

I have many of the same symptoms and am counting down the days to my Neuro appointment even with the knowledge that Im not going to be told whats wrong with me.

I hope that your appointment has the outcomes you are looking for.

Take care.

Hi Peter and welcome to the site

The fact that all your tests were clear doesn’t mean that nothing’s going on, but I would have to guess that it’s not MS from your symptoms. The reason I say it doesn’t sound like MS is that there are too many symptoms involving too much of your body all at once - this is not the sort of thing that happens with MS. I’m not a neuro though, and only a neuro is going to get to the bottom of what’s going on. If I were you, I would make sure and get an MRI - be assertive if you need to and make sure and tell the neuro about the virus.

Good luck. (And you aren’t bothering anyone at all :-))

Karen x