New here...limbo...

Hi…I’m 40 and have recently had various symptoms that have led me here. In the last 6 months I have had numb/tingling hands and feet which occasionally progress to arms and legs. I have had several “visual disturbances.” I have had a few days where my right arm and leg feel “heavy” and occasional numbness og my upper lip and tip of my nose. I recently went to hospital after a suspected TIA and left with a possible early MS diagnosis. My LP was done first which was negative. I had my MRI yesterday and have t wait tl a week from Friday for the results. I am almost more worried that they will find nothing than if they find something. Is that awful? I have had recurrent depression and what I thought was carpal tunnel for years…

Should also add the runs of fatigue, things like putting bread in toaster, walking off and coming back and thinking how odd it was the kitchen smelled like toast…I don’t expect any of you to diagnose me. Just some virtual hand holding for the next 8 days…or maybe 5 years…

Hi Turtle and welcome, I know what you mean when you say.your worried about them not finding anything wrong, I’m not diagnosed either - and the process of it is a difficult time for everyone, including our families. Hopefully yours will be quick although nothing wrong would be a better dx. Im sure there are people who are better qualified answer your questions tha myself, I just wanted to let you know your in the right place to find your answers. Best of luck. Frank

Hello and welcome, I also don’t have a diagnosis yet and am awaiting my first Neuro referral in October. Everyone here is lovely, so definitely the right place for great support. Sam

Thank you :slight_smile: Good to know it isn’t just me! So much to read here and so much to think about.

Welcome and hope u get an answer very soon. x

Hello from me aswell.

This cyber army are very good at hand holding I have to say.

Most of us will also agree that a dx is far better than limbo, I think as humans we are programmed to need answers for things and cope better when there is a reason for all these strange things going on…that half the time other people cant see.

Hang in there but also prepare yourself for not getting concrete answers when you do see the neuro as there is often a …wait and see if anything else happens response.

Take care