like running water

Hi all,

Does anyone else get a weird feeling in your back, like cold running water inside your spine. Its happenned a few times and feels a bit weird

Em xx

i wish! it might help me to pee.

carole x

yes i have had it, havent had it in a while though, mine was like someone pouring a jug of icy water in the top of my head,and then trickling down my spine, weird,its one of those weird sensory symptoms,when i mentioned it to the neuro he looked at me as if i was mad !!

Haha, yeah thats exactly what it feels like.

Carole, I wish I could stop!! maybe we need some kind of Freaky Friday bladder swap!!

Em xx

Freaky Friday bladder is very apt for me today Em, thanks for making me smile x

Yes this is really weird, I do have it now and again and in the head which is like throbbing with the trickle of water kind of feeling.