Life Insurance - advice please

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all as well as you can be. I have raised this topic on here before, but a long time ago. I wondered if anyone on here has managed to get reasonably priced life insurance, which takes into account this vile condition of ours. When I made enquiries a year ago, the premiums from the company I spoke to were £77 per month which I think is pretty exorbitant.

Any advice from you good people mosy gratefully received.

Take care


Hi Alison I have mine with the pru for £45 a month but i smoke too which put the premium up so it will most likely be cheaper for non smoking ms’ers! X

I cant get life insurance for love nor money :frowning: tried about 15 different ones and always get refused!! Sue

Surely the premium depends on the amount of cover, age etc? You can’t compare premiums (monthly cost) unless the proposals are identical.

We have changed our amount of cover and the premium didnt change but thats a good point. It does depend on all your personal circumstance! I didnt even think of that!

I got some with Legal & General. It was 50% more expensive than for a ‘healthy person’, but they were the cheapest to begin with. For a 33 year old (at the time), female non smoker I got £100k cover over 20 years for £15 per month.

The insurance was the same as my partner except they will not give me crtical life insurance.