A Matter of Life ( Insurance)

Hello everyone,

I wondered if any of you have managed to get life insuance that hasn’t cost a fortune because of our condition. I was recently quoted £77 per month which seemed a bit steep to me. I know that I’m supposed to be more of a risk, but I do feel that a lot of insurance companies take the “p” a bit. ( No offence meant to anyone on here who works in insurance).

Any comments/thoughts would be welcome.

Take care everyone

Alison x

Ouch, £77 is VERY expensive!

I’m sure there are specialist insurers out there so I’ll take a look when I get a chance. I do work in the industry but I’m working at a bank right now, not a life office otherwise I’d go and ask someone.

I was really annoyed when my premium was loaded by 50% last year when I took out new cover - that was due to my weight (too low) and IBS. I’m now sceptical that the company would actually pay out if I died so I’m gonna have to look into this myself too.

It might take me a while to find anything worthwhile out but I will report back if I can find out anything more.

Sonia x

Hi Sonia,

Thanks so much for your reply. Think I’ll have to do a bit of research too, but if you do find any kind companies out there, I’d love to know!

Keep well

Alison xx