Hi everyone I have finally achieved liberation! I have taken my bra off! My hug doesn’t usually over bother me it is more of a mild distraction that affects me more at night, but today I have been in agony and just thought I would give it a try to see if took some of my pain away and yes wow! it feels great. Does anybody know if there is anything I can do to stop the hug from happening? Thanks x


dont think u can prevent/stop, only deal with when it (tremors/spams) happens.

have u tried sports bra? less support the better in this instance.

enjoy ur freedom…*flip flop

ellie x

Ha, Ellie, that reminds me of a few years ago, when I was exercising without a bra on and my boobs were untethered. They made some kind of noise as they hit my midriff, which my daughter likened to making a yorkshire pudding mix!

Hopeful, glad you found relief, but sorry I dont know of a cure for ms hug.

luv Pollx