how severe is yours?

how long does it last?

If you Google Lhermittes you should get answers to your questions,one of them possibly mine from back in the Dark Ages.


Doctor Google is my first stop shop for all things… i posed this question in here however, to merely compare notes.

For what its worth:

  • mine has been here for a month thus far,
  • is usually just a fine buzzing thoughout my trunk (but can occasionally pinch my finger tips from the inside, if that makes sense?)
  • oh… and interestingly it seems worse when i am hungry

It is not that i am concerned by it (yet). If anything it serves as a useful reminder to imrpove my posture!

I’ve been getting this a lot lately. It lasts seconds so I’m not too bothered by it. If it’s a nice gentle tingle then iit’s strangely enjoyable (does that make me weird?)

I did have some severe bouts of it 5 years ago where the shock feeling went from my neck right to my fingertips and toes and was quite painful. It used to set off a spasm in my left arm that lasted about 10 minutes and left my arm useless for a time until the feeling came back into it and the spasm passed. That wasn’t nice at all and I had to remember not to move my neck in a certain way for fear that I would set it off.


[quote=“elmo”] If it’s a nice gentle tingle then iit’s strangely enjoyable (does that make me weird?)


we take pleasure when we can. i usually ‘play with my kermits’ when stuck in a traffic jam.

Like Tracey (Elmo), I also get a gentle ‘tingle’ that runs down my upper back…sometimes I get nothing at all… sometimes I get more of a pins & needles feeling and that’s not so good… really bad times have been really prickly and don’t stop at my back, they’ll even travel right down my legs to my feet! It is a really immediate quick thing though, disappears when I lift my chin. Sonia x

TMI Paolo :smiley:

Mine seems to come and go, it comes back just when I think it has gone, reminding me that MS is still active, it’s a sharp pain in my neck that shoots down my spine.