Leukocytes in urine

I’ve been troubled with infections and urgency for a while now and am due to have botox in the next couple of months. I also self catheterise twice a day

I’ve been a little paranoid about infections since I had a really bad one which resulted in me being in hospital for a week. I ended up buying sone of the strips you test urine with from Amazon. This meant that if it was high in nitrites/leukocytes I could put a sample in for testing and get the necessary antibiotics.

However, a few times when my testing has said it’s high in leukocytes there hasn’t been an infection present. My GP has phoned with the results saying there has been a few pus cells present but antibiotics aren’t needed as there was no infection. Stupidly I’ve never asked about the pus but it doesn’t seem normal to me.

I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this or knew anything about pus in urine?

Maybe I’m just too paranoid and should stop testing!!!

Sarah x

hi sarah

i know what you mean about worrying about infections. i always have a pack of trimethoprim so when i’m unsure i take one.

do you see a bladder nurse (continence nurse) ?

you can self refer to your nearest bladder and bowel clinic.

he/she may be able to give you a more detailed answer than your gp.

peeing was always such an everyday thing but once you have problems it kind of takes over your life.

take care

carole x

Hi Carole,

I see the continence nurses already but to be honest they are pretty useless. I was basically given the catheters and told to get on with it and when I told them at one stage that I was having difficulty I was told itjust takes practice!

I think I’ll talk to the urologist when I go in for my botox. It just worries me that I have pus in my urine, as surely it shouldn’t be there!

Sarah x

Hi, I wanted to know more about pus in urine…as bladder issues play a big part of my life too!

I google the subject and read that pus in urine does mean there is an infecion somwhere in the urinary tract.

I hope your urologist eases your worries hun.

luv Poll

Hi Dogtanion,

If it’s of any consolation, I’ll share my experience of last August through till October and incidentally this UTI/ISC is not new to me, have been at it for a number of years…

Last August I suspected a UTI and tested myself as per uls set down by my Continence Nurse a number of years ago. The result that it displayed showed it thick with Leucocytes and pus. I was running a very slight temp plus it affected my legs.

I sent a specimen off to the lab asap and rang my surgery for the results. A brand new receptionist told me they were clear and refused my request to see a GP. I began to feel worse and worse so repeated my own test and spent another specimen of to the lab. The same thing happened time and again over the next few weeks until I was practically screaming down the phone to he receptionist, “But I have Multiple Sclerosis. It’s making my condition worse” Obviously the receptionist hadn’t a clue about MS so I decided to use our Out of Hours Service. The GP there gave me antibitotics but ones to which I’m allergic to.

As a result of that my GP finally rang me and said that it’s now on my record that I must have antbiotics at home as standby and this was backed up by my CA.

What it all boils down to in the end is that they changed the prescribing goalposts regarding the number of bugs present before you get antibiotics. To me this is very wrong because each patient should be treated on his/her own merit and there should be a little ‘give’ with MS.

With me I ended up being laid so low that I developed an even worse chest infection than the UTI and that could have been prevented if given the correct treatment at the time.

Eiona #treatmeright

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I have really aching and sore legs today. So I tested at home for a UTI. Last night showed high leukocytes a mid deep purple colour and very slight pink to nitrates. This morning I did another home test and showed just some leukocytes but nothing else. Went to GP surgery to do urine test. Nurse said yes there are a few leukocytes in urine but nothing else. She said normally nitrates would show up too if it’s an infection. It has been sent off to lab, expected results due on Monday or Tuesday. I have had an infection before but the Bowel and Bladder service said the urine test showed protein.

I found this advice online:

What should I do if my test result is positive?

Remember that a positive result does not mean that all three substances (leukocytes, nitrates and blood) have to be detected in your urine. Even if your result is positive for just one of them, it is most likely that something is wrong with your urine, even if the reason may not be a urinary infection. Get in touch promptly with your own doctor, who will be able to give a more accurate diagnosis. When you visit your doctor, please take the instructions with you so that he/she will be better informed as to the type of test you have performed.

What about protein and ketones ? I will ask my MS nuse.