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Can anyone tell me the name of the strips which are used by the Docs etc to check for infection in your urine.

It would be good to keep some at home to use, then would be less stressful to get appointment as our Doc surgery is so busy,can’t even get through on phone.

Many thanks.

If you put urine testing strips in to Amazon you’ll find loads of different types including those you normally see at the doctors. I’ve used them but I must admit I got quite paranoid!

I bought them after being admitted to hospital for 4 days after getting a bad infection. It doesn’t quite solve the problem though. My samples are always sent away to be tested and sometimes the strips will indicate to me there is an infection but at the lab there isn’t one! However, it does give you some peace of mind as it does tell you when you haven’t got an infection.

Sarah x

They are called urinalysis strips. You can get them easily from Amazon. Or maybe from your chemist. There are lots of different makes, the best make is Siemens, but they also cost more. When you test your own wee, you compare the test strip to the boxes on the side of the plastic tub. The most important ones are leucocytes, nitrites and protein. Leucocytes show up inflammation, (if this is the only sign and is only very faintly pink after 2 minutes then drink lots of water for a day then test it again). Nitrites and protein, either or both, show up infections. Blood can also indicate infections but women quite often can have blood depending on monthly cycle

I test my own wee and if an infection shows up I take a sample to the doctors (you shouldn’t need to wait for an appointment to have wee tested) as they firstly need to check that you are right, and secondly send the sample off to the lab to be certain which antibiotic is best. If you always have a spare specimen pot it’s easily done. I have a strong antibiotic on my repeat prescription list which means that as soon as I’ve done a sample for the GP I can start the treatment. I test it a lot more often than I have infections, I suppose having the ability to test can make you a little paranoid, but once tested I can relax again. I don’t actually get many infections these days (touch wood and D-Mannose), but doing ISC means there is always the chance of one.

The only other thing I would suggest is that you make sure you keep your strips dry, maybe don’t keep them in the bathroom as, even though they’re in a plastic tub with a silicon sachet to absorb moisture, over time they can become a tiny bit damp and then discoloured so are no use. I keep a few in a tub in the bathroom and the majority in a kitchen drawer.


My district nurse gave me a pack of these strips. They are useful for finding out if there is ‘protein’ in the urine - which is usually a sign of infection - then the sample would need to be sent for testing to see what infection it is to be able to prescribe the correct anti-biotic.

l make a drink of one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and a spoon of honey topped up with hot or cold water and drink it - the ACV is alkaline and corrects the ph in the urine - keeping your bladder healthier. lt has lots of other benefits too - so worth screwing up your nose whilst drinking it!! lt works so well for anyone with gout/arthritis etc.

Thanks Sarah I’ll have a look.

Do you know if you have an infection would you be prescribed Antibiotics,if it’s just a small one, ie ear infection or cold, or would they go straight to Steroids?

im a bit of a beginner with infections and relapses as I have only had a cis and dx at same time although I’m noticing more things recently. My dx was in 2010.

Hope you are well x

Thank you thank you everyone, that’s so much information I’ll copy it all for further reading.

You don’t get steroids with a urine infection, I remember that

I also got some dipsticks on Amazon, handy for keeping an eye on things

Sonia x