Letter to Ed Miliband from Journalist Sonia Poulton…Please sign…

Excellent letter from Journalist Sonia Poulton to Ed Milliband re: WCA, please sign!

Also, Tom Greatrex, MP, has secured a Westminster Hall debate on September 4 with regard ATOS and WCA.


Excellent Sparkledust!

Just tried to sign but apparently too many people trying to sign!!!

Will try again later.

Do you go to the end of the letter and put your name? Didn’t seem to be instructions but that might be because the website is overloaded!!!

Pat x

Ive tried and canot sign it either, will try later.



If it’s busy you have to retry, and when eventually on it. you just go to the bottom of the list and start typing.

For the first time ever I’m actually pleased something’s busy and I have to wait!

It would be incredible if we could get everyone we know to sign this, and collectively make a difference!

Sparkledust… I couldn’t agree more!

Pat x


Strange, but when I click on the link it takes me to a google page…is this right…I can’t see a letter.


Hi Wendy,

I don’t understand - I just tried the link and it worked?

Here’s another: (If you have problems, copy and paste it into your browser)


I think it’s the google link that’s not working. I’m putting this one and and fingers crossed it works… (to quote somebody… don’t tell Atos I can cross my fingers!)


Pat x

Yay… that one above works!

Oh I now see the problem. You can open the link into the letter, but the link to sign the letter sends you to a locked google site.

I assume there were too many people using it and google has shut it down.

Well it does mean that loads of people have signed it. I’ll try again tomorrow and if I can get into it I’ll post.

Night folk,

Pat x

Yes agreat, this works, now sending the new link to my contacts.


Hello people there were problems with the Google Doc yesterday but you can also add your name to Sonia Poultons Letter to Ed Miliband via these links too

Please just add your name and post code Many thanks

Cheryl Moncrieffe

Hi,managed to sign it tonight at last




Thanks for those links,just now managed to sign. I’m going to email Eddy later today, my local MP is useless.

carole morris bl5 3rz

Signed (I think)