Letter to Ed Miliband from Journalist Sonia Poulton…Please sign…

Excellent letter from Journalist Sonia Poulton to Ed Milliband re: WCA, please sign!

Also, Tom Greatrex, MP, has secured a Westminster Hall debate on September 4 with regard ATOS and WCA.


IF you find the website is overloaded and won’t let you sign, PLEASE try again later.

THOUSANDS of people are trying to sign and website can’t cope.

Pat x

Finally managed to sign!

It’s a bit weird as opens as Word document. But just put your curser at end and sign name, MS, and post code.


Hi Pat

Hope you’re well? Don’t seem to be able to sign. Im not on benefits but that shouldn’t make any difference should it?

finally signed still awaiting dx but every signiture counts good luck to everyone xx

When I hear and read about all the problems people are experiencing the one thing that springs to mind is why doesn’t the government automatically exclude anybody that has a firm diagnosis of a “critical Illness”. The insurance Companies have a list of what they classify as “critical Illness” and will pay out on policies accordingly………… seems like a not brainer to me. Sure it won’t help those in limbo BUT it would exclude a great many from the investigation process. Just madness. My sister is a benefits inspector and her take on it is that it has nothing to do with getting people back to work, rather an exercise to take people of the more expensive benefit list and transferring them to the cheaper one…………

I’ll be signing the letter once I can get on to it. The discrimination that the disabled as suffering due to the government and media is shocking and this country should be ashamed of itself.

No Stevie, won’t make any difference. Lots of people not on benefits are signing.

The problem is that so many people are signing the web site can’t take it. Try again later or tomorrow.

Pat x

Bunny I think your sister is absolutely right. This government have no compassion at all. They want to destroy the welfare state. Our welfare state has always been the model that other countries have followed. It was started by compassionate people who did not want the British people to suffer the poverty they had suffered for so long.

They want to destroy the NHS and get rid of state benefits. This is the most right-wing government we have ever had. Much worse than Thatcher. Appalling what they are getting away with.

I so agree with you… once you have a diagnosis of critical illness that should be enough. And for undiagnosed people, if their own GP says they are not capable of work that should be enough.

Only a tiny amount of people are abusing the system. I think it’s .5% (that’s 1 in 200 I think?). Far more high earners are abusing the tax system. Nobody seems to be going after them.

One law for the rich and another for the rest of us eh?

Pat x