Demand The Unfair WCA Test Be Scrapped Immediately - PLEASE SIGN

SCOPE has published their outraged reaction to last night “DISPATCHES” programme,

and are urging people to contact their MP,

(via easy automatic link),

to demand the unfair WCA test to be scrapped immediately.

Link and info here: (PLEASE SIGN ASAP)

I’ve signed!

Thanks for this…I’ve signed.

Done (although I know exactly what the letter I’m going to get from my Tory MP is going to say ).


Thank you… I’ve signed… would urge others to do the same.

Very quick and easy. Scroll down to ‘email your MP’. It’s already written so you just have to fill in your details… you don’t even have to know who your MP is!

Please sign,

Pat and thanks Sparkledust x

I’ve signed. Thank you Sparkledust. Allen x

…I’ve signed too !!


Signed - I watched it and the Panorama on BBC2 on the same thing (straight after here in Scotland). It’s disgusting.