Letter back from Neurologist

Hi. Well I’ve had a letter from the neurologist summing up my appointment with him. All seems ok with what he said, though some things have made me wonder what he means. He describes my tension down right hand side as seeming to be very sterotyped-what do you think he could mean? Also he says “reassuringly she isn’t giving a history of relapses and remission.” I’m surprised by this because my symptoms come then go away for weeks/months. He said he gets more a flavour they wax and wane, again he says they are stereotyped. I’m wondering what the difference is between wax and wane and relapse remission? What would you describe as relapsing and remission? I’m not upset by anything he’s said, just trying to understand it. Anyway thoughts? Thanks x He also said his only findings were a relative reduction in temperature, pinprick, and vibration and has requested an mri, do you think he would have found more if he suspected ms? X To be honest am feeling a fraud at the mo as only fatigued and tingling for last couple of months.

Hi Daisy

I too am waiting for my neuro letter. You sound a bit like me with minimal symptoms. Although I have been told i have RRMS, before January when I developed double vision, my last very mild episode was about 10 years ago! I am not on any treatment but have probably had MS for 20 years. I hope it is possible to have it mildly, but expect another flare up at any time. I take it you’ve had an MRI?

Julia x

Thank you for your reply. Well I think I may have minimal symptoms in terms of ms, but do have very bad fatigue which has left me unable to work. I was diagnosed with m.e in the '90s as a teenager but they are now reviewing me because of clumsiness, and muscle tension burning in my right hand side, but comes and goes for weeks/months. Also tingling, memory loss etc. I haven’t had mri yet, have got that in Sept. Sounds like they may find something if very mild, though I haven’t had anything like double vision or complete numbness. I suppose only time will tell. Just wish you could mind read what the docs are thinking, or at least speed up time to find out results. Hope your ms remains mild. All the best x

Thanks Daisy x