***Lets lighten up shall we***Comedians nuts***

I was just wondering which comedians you enjoy & if you want to, you can explain why you like them.

There just a nice simple exchange of veiws on something those of us with a sense of humour enjoy.



Modern day…Peter Kay, everytime…observational humour. But I also absolutely lived Michael Crawford, in some mothers…it was an endearing vulnerability mixed with the calamity that made me laugh, smile and cry in the same episode. Xx

Peter kay- one for all the family

Ed burne- brilliant

Milton Jones- best one liner

Frankie Boyle- when inform

Jimmy Carr- when he pays his tax

Peter Kay - family humour as Darren says.

Adult humour - Chubby Brown! But he’s very rude! Not for the faint hearted. Went to see him live years ago.


Oh i forgot - Lee Evans was pretty good live also!


Michael McIntyre and Sarah Millican for me, both gentle humour. There are some more eyebrow raising comedians that I like, but can’t think of any of their names

A great selection…


Jeremy Hardy.

Favourite laughs, all of Blackadder II, especially the last episode with Mad Prince Ludwig, who vreaks his rewengay.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian. The stoning scene and the interrogation scene. Biggus Dickus? I have a fwend called Biggus.

We all have a sense of humour Hazel. Sometimes it’s difficult and sometimes life is fun all day long. The thing to remember with jokes is that if you post another one, everyone will have forgotten the deleted or dodgy one in an hour. That’s one of the joys of MS. Short memories.

oh! where will i start?! billy connolly,kevin bridges,jon richardson,michael mcintyre,sarah millican,jo brand,rhod gilbert,jimeoine (sp) and several others. have seen jo,rhod and kevin live-brill

ellie x

Love Lee Evans :slight_smile: Also like Rhodes Gilbert x

Going to seeJimmy Carr in April…can’t wait. Just hearing him laugh does it for me x

Bill Hicks…RIP…He died in 1994 and was outrageous in every way.He was a real thorn in the side of the first Bush administration,and if pancreatic cancer hadn’t got him there is no knowing who would have been ready to sort him out if he was still around today.


John Bishop for me. Never fails to make me laugh and I love his honesty about himself.

C x

So good to read about all the laughter makers - love them all - Frankie Howard - The Two Ronnies - Eric and Ernie Bob Monkhouse. But the real key is to laugh at oneself. Some are ‘shocking’ - but then so can we be!!!

Love all the ones you above have mentioned - the good oldies and the new ones. From Ken Dodd - Jethro - to Sara Millican Miranda Hart Kevin Bridges John Bishop Billy Connolly [anyone see the latest film Quartet he was hilarious]

But we are the best comic turn there is - so everyone do laugh at yourself -but try not to wet yourself doing it!!!


A fantastic list and one I must add one of my all time favourites…Spike Milligan…he doesn’t even have to open his mouth to make me laugh.


Oh yes Pat Kenny Everitt was a class act…


I have always been a fan of double acts.

The one I like now is Cameron and Osbourne.

They crack me up.

The stories they tell about economic recovery are hilarious


Pat , l had forgotten about Hinge and Brackett - reminds me also of Donald and Swan - now one of these was in a wheelchair - and were very humurous.

Saturday night tv is really missing out not repeating some of these good comic acts. l have seen plenty of repeats of Fools and Horses and Fawlty Towers. But there are so many more really funny comic series. Hilda Baker was one - Peggy Mount - Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques. l know it shows my age - but l loved them - probably will not pass the pc brigade.


hi, a lot of my favs have already been mentioned.

At the mo, I find sarah Millican fab. Mrs Brown has us in fits of laughter.

I loved Hinge & Brackett.

Mock the Week is my all time fav comedy show.

Stephen fry also has a dry wit.

John Bishop is funny and sexy too…was named as hunk of the year or summat similar.

Laughter is the best medicine for sure!

luv Pollx

The great Eric & Ernie