Let's get this show on the road!!!

Ok guys…

  1. Best ever Christmas film?
  2. Best ever Christmas song?
  3. Best ever Christmas present?

AND if you could have anything you wanted this Christmas (apart from anything to do with boring old MS) what would it be?

Answers on a postcard please (not really)…

Pat xx

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Hi Pat

Here we go!

Film: it’s a wonderful life.

Song: fairy tale of New York

Present: My daughter Louise was born on the 22nd December 33 years ago best present ever.

The only Christmas present I would like is an email from the builders saying flat is ready and you can move in three months early. But I would settle for Michael Buble to serenade me.

Mags xx


Ah Mags I think my film is also It’s a Wonderful Life and my song Fairy tale in New York!

Hope you get your wishes. … you never know.

Pat xx

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Hi Pat, can’t think of a film at present I’ll get back with that one!

What does give me the tingles at this time of year is…

Reading Twas the night before Christmas to my 4 kids on Christmas eve for the last 20 years all huddled up on the sofa.

Listening to children singing carols. Always brings a tear to my eye!

Love all the pretty Christmas trees lit up.

Appreciating even a moment of feeling a shared sense of peace and goodwill for all mankind.

A Present or Christmas wish for me this year would be a Bungalow with a garden in the same town all dressed up outside with Christmas lights, with 2 small trees lightly covered in powder snow with the coca cola lorry passing by and a choir of children on the front lawn. Crazy but true.

Pauline xxx

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Best film, Holiday Inn.

Best Christmas song, Also Fairy Tale of New York, I also love Stay Another Day by East 17.

Best Present, I honestly can’t think of one at the moment but I must have had a few memorable ones

This year I have a new Granddaughter to cherish along with her Sister and my two step Grandsons, My Son is so happy in his family life, it is a joy just to be around them all. My hope is that everyone has happiness all year round…

Jan x

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Film. It’s a wonderful life

Christmas song. I don’t have one Pat, I just like to put my Christmas cds on with assorted songs

Best Christmas present. My daughter Emily was born on the 25th of November 1977-that was best Christmas ever

Then my son Matthew on the 25th September 1982-making that my second but no less best Christmas ever

P.S. Being that I’m like an elephant Pat and never forget…once it’s in my long term memory! I’m sure you said you would put a message on my Christmas avatar thread


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Believe it or not National Lampoon Christmas Vacation, with the music on full blast.

Song, Jingle bell

Best present, not sure.

Everyone (family) making the effort to get on.

Wish - all my trips/stumbles to have a soft landing

Take care guys, be safeM

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This is a difficult task, but enough to make my Tuesday morning as my wife and daughter are out looking at a nursery.

Film: Muppet Christmas Carol. Michael Caine’s finest role.

Song:This Little Babe. (from Britten’s Ceremony of Carols. Well worth a listen on You Tube)

Present: My first family Christmas. (2012)

What do I want? A ride on a snowmobile. No a race or a chase whilst pretending I was James Bond.

Best wishes. Steve.

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Oh Blossom you are right I did… I will get onto it tomorrow… promise!!!

Pat xx

Great responses… so now it’s my turn…

Film: It’s a Wonderful Life… but as it’s been chosen I’ll go with Meet Me In St. Louis. If you haven’t seen it, try to… it’s brilliant and Judy Garland sings my next choice…

Song: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas sung by Judy Garland.

Present: I think I’ll go with something I was given today. A good friend made me a picture, in a glass-fronted box, of a traditional Xmas scene… family around the fire and a Xmas tree… and in the background are snowy rooftops and chimney pots which is a photo of the view from my window!!! Adorable and a ‘keeper’!!!

Wish: A white Christmas… I know it’s hell in it’s way but my grandson would love it so much… as would all kids!

Keep them coming… AND hope all your wishes come true…

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Oooh this is tricky…

Best film - Scrooged, I love it & Bill Murrays great!

Song - Christmas wrapping by The Waitresses. It’s a cheery xmas song that always makes me happy this time of year.

Present - the year my dad got me Santa Bear, the one with leather hat, goggles & flying jacket & scarf. He was very special, I’ve actually still got him. He’s nicely preserved in plastic in my cupboard. I know having bears at 36 years old is a bit… but he’s too special to get rid.

Wish - To be able to go to my big sisters in Portland Oregon for xmas. Then I could see my 2 nephews open their presents, one still believes in Santa (“he’s real you know aunty Rosie?”… too cute) Plus get to experience the American xmas in the flesh, all the lights, decorations etc cos they do look amazing!

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National lampoons xmas is brilliant!

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I dont watch Christmas Films I cry at them EVERY SINGLE ONE so any film

Fairy tale of New York

Best Pressie hmmmmmmmmmm Heather and I never buy ourselves pressies when younger we couldnt afford to now we are to tite.

A pressie I would like: I love Tigers and I always have wanted one or an elephant I am always saying I want one to Heather but she points out the baby ones I like will grow up to be as big as a house I’m never going to get one am I ?


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No favourite film, I don’t watch enough.

best modern song- Fairy Tale of NY. How that man has written such wonderful songs in his state is beyond me. Genius.

Best Christmas music- Messiah. Wonderful to sing. Used to go up to the RAH with Mum, Dad and Sis every year to sing Messiah from Scratch with 4000 other singers. Dad and I in the basses, Mum & Sis with the contraltos. Bits of it were so powerful and emotional i couldn’t sing for choking up, especially the last page of the Amanda. (I meant the Amen, just left that in because ipad predictive text can be so funny!!)

best Christmas present- being told by my haematologist that my tumours had gone

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The Amen in The Messiah is profound. I’m not a great Handel fan but there are some bits. For unto us a son is given and the slow end of All we like sheep are equally gorgeous. Genius.

Best wishes , Steve

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Oh I so agree the Messiah is beautiful.

I’ve got it on CD… thanks so much for reminding me!!!

Pat xx