lesions and theyre effect on symptoms

Hi, ive just had word back from my latest MRI in mid september. Theyre saying theres more lesions and that they want to try a different drug.

What im wondering is how long does it take for new symptoms to develop in correlation with new lesion.

I dont really feel any different, but this news has got my guard up and im paying more attention.

I just hope i dont start imagining new symptoms

hi raymond

the reason they want to try a new drug is because the old drug wasn’t effective as you have new lesions.

i have no idea of the correlation between lesions and symptoms though.

stop stressing right now or you will definite imagine new symptoms!!

carole x

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the amount of lesions you have has nothing to do with how good or bad you are. my neuro told me some patients with 1 or 2 lesions in MS can be more disabled then someone with loads on their MRI, it has no bearing.

so stop looking and just wait to see what the treatment will be they will offer you. OK. good luck. xxx

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I think it matters more where the legions are rather than the amount?,my wifes neuro seemed quite certain about the particular ones that were causing her mobility problems which were right at bottom of brain as it joins spine. I think he also suggested some others in different areas were not likely to cause many problems and were not of much interest.

All good answers.

I have 3 relatively small lesions in the upper half of my spine and it affects my mobility, a lot some days, also the sensation in my hands and bladder issues.

I’ve even progressed to SPMS without showing any more lesions, the damage that the existing 3 have done is just getting worse !

My sister has a good number of lesions in the whole of the spine and her symptoms were about the same as mine, however 6 months ago she had a relapse and a lesion appeared in the brain stem, totally life changing, it has affected everything, from walking, talking, eating, concentration, bladder & bowel issues, so just one extra lesion in the wrong spot and a totally different outcome.

My cousin has no lesions in the spine what so ever, but many scattered throughout the brain, her mobility is hardly affected, she has issues with gripping things, her vision is affected when she’s having a bad day, and also has a lot of muscle & joint pain.

On a good day you would never think she had MS, yet as far as the number of lesions, she’s in the premier league !

So I think the point is, it doesnt matter on the number of lesions, its where the little b*stards appear is the problem.

thanks for your replies, i’ll just need to try and stay positive/ not think about it