Lemtrada v Ocrevus - Please help!

Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum - I was diagnosed with highly active RRMS 2 weeks ago.

I’m struggling to choose a treatment and would really appreciate your help. My neurologist has advised Lemtrada or Ocrevus; after initially wanting take a more gentle approach, I am in agreement that one of these 2 would be my best option. One of my main considerations is the effects the treatment could potentially have on child bearing capacity in the future - I am 26 and newly engaged (would probably be looking to try for children in about 4 years - although recent events have shown that life laughs in the face of those that make plans!)

I have read the info on contraception requirements whilst on these treatments, but I’m really frightened that Ocrevus is so new and we don’t really have any concrete evidence that future pregnancies would be fine. Is anybody on these drugs/has had children after either Ocrevus or Lemtrada?

The things that are important to me are:

  • Efficacy

  • Future children

  • Treatability of side effects

  • Not losing my hair - I’m sorry if this sounds vain, but to me that would be an even bigger one up for MS.

Any treatment experiences in relation to the above would be really helpful.

Thanks x