Lemtrada vs Tecfidera

Hi all,

This is my second time posting on the forums. I found the first time (when I was newly diagnosed) an extremely positive experience as everyone was so supportive and reassuring. I definitely need that support and reassurance right now…

A little BG: I was formally diagnosed with RRMS at the end of December after experiencing some visual disturbances (which I now know was visual vertigo) and I had a month and a half of constant pins and needles and numbness in both my legs. Prior to that I had two separate episodes of double vision in 2012 and 2014 but at the time the DRs didn’t know it was MS.

Last week I went to see a new neurologist re: treatment who has recommended two drugs- tecfidera and lemtrada. From spending the last week reading up on both I can see how they’re literally like chalk and cheese which makes my decision even harder! I’m leaning towards Tecfidera as I feel like, although it’s a maintence drug, its less aggressive than Lemtrada and if for any reason it doesn’t work I can then decide to choose a more aggressive option. However the neurologist appeared to be more inclined for lemtrada as she kept saying at the moment I’m young (30) and healthy, and I’ve since had good gaps between my relapses. I guess she wants to ideally keep my function this way for as long as possible through using the more effective treatment option.

I would really like to find out people’s experiences of both drugs. I have an 18 month old daughter who is my world and my main deciding factor. Whatever option I choose I need to ensure I can still look after her to the best of my abilities. My husband and I would also like to have another child in the future, a decision which we’ve had to bring forward because of treatment, but I don’t know how long we’d have to wait with Lemtrada…

Any advice would be so helpful as I have to make a decision by next Tuesday :frowning:


I have no first hand knowledge of Lemtrada and only a failed attempt on Tecfidera. You are right, they are at completely different ends of the DMD spectrum.

However, you may find this article from the Barts Blog (very reliable and authoritative) useful: Multiple Sclerosis Research: #NeuroSpeak: DMF as a second-line agent or not

It is basically saying that Tecfidera is most effective when used as a first drug for disease modification in MS. It’s not arguing that it’s more effective than other drugs, just that it works best when a person has no other DMD history.

There are plenty of other people who will give you their valuable experience of taking both drugs I’m sure.

Best of luck.


Thank you so much for your reply Ssssue I will definitely read this article!