Lemtrada treatment

So in December 2017 I had my second round of Lemtrada treatment. So Lemtrada treatment finished which is great. 9 months later I am feeling worst for it more so than I did before I even started the treatment (I have had MS since I was 9 and I am now 30 so thought I was in a good position to respond well to treatment). Specialist has run MRI scans and there are no new legions so this is positive but why do I feel so rubbish now! I felt super strong after my first round (once I had recovered from the treatment) so I am now feeling a bit cheated! Has anyone had any similar experiences and/or does anyone know of any way I can help myself feel normal again without medical intervention this time?

Hi Natalie, I know exactly what you mean. I’ve had no other medication or treatment apart from the first round of lemtrada. At first it seemed promising, but I’m struggling to see any improvements (I had it February) I’d say speak to your consultant and see if there’s anything you can do, I have my consultant appointment later today so I’ll be asking Laura x

Hi Laura,

Thank you for your comment and I am sorry to hear you are also struggling. I have heard that it can take a year after to feel better so I am holding onto this. Hope all goes well with your appointment today! Your second round of Lemtrada may make all the difference so do hold onto hope :slight_smile:

Natalie x