Legal help needed!

Does anyone know where I can get free very very cheap good legal advice? I only have one question regarding my divorce settlement and be in Bedford and I cannot look around or attend a solicitor. As I said I have one question regarding inheritance for next of kin Many thanks, all the best from Julia

The Citizens Advice can be very helpful with good advice or signposting to someone who can.

This is the link to the Bedford branch

Not sure if you need family law or wills & probate / inheritance advice. I know a really good wills & probate solicitor - he’s in Leicester but could work over zoom / teams. Message me if you want the details - forum doesn’t permit to post them publicly on here

I typed into google ‘free legal advice’… not advocating any one site but it might be a useful exercise just to scan your eye down the websites that come up.

All the best :blush:

Hi rogue, now I think you can see everything about me
I’ve got a SP catheter that is still not working! Moving house! And going through a tough divorce! I’ve tried googling legal advice but I’m getting nowhere fast. Basically I just want to know when I pass will my son inherit everything I receive the divorce. I have a will -Where he is next of kin and sole
Beneficiary but I have a feeling that mine ex husband will make it Difficult for my son.

When you marry, previous wills are nullified. When you divorce (or separate) it is NOT automatic, you have to make a new will, even if it is one line saying “everything to my son”.

It tends to be more complicated than that. For a start, if you have any life policies still in force, you need to register your son as the beneficiary. The executor of a will would apply to the insurance co and achieve the same result but it takes much longer without a direct application to the insurer. You may also want some or all of the money to go in trust until your son reaches a certain age and make arrangements for guardianship

Thanks for that information, I made a Will recently before the decree came I thought that . would be fine, maybe I should contact the company for advice. I don’t have insurance etc

I am representing myself as I have no funds, They say the most stressful things in life is illness, house move and divorce and I am doing all three on my own. Hey ho!. Thanks for the advice much appreciated

Hi Julia, you have a lot going on right now.
Your question sounds like it should have a simple answer but when children and money are involved in legal matters that is not always the case, as has been pointed it.

If you haven’t contacted the Citizens Advice already, they are often a good starting point if only to give you a couple of pointers.

Did you read through the following?

Not sure useful they may be, but might be worth a shot.