Leg weakness after illness

I’ve recently been ill with a heavy cold combined with a sickness bug, resulting in my staying in bed for two days. Two days later I’m still hobbling about like a little old lady, clinging on to furniture and walls, with really poor balance. I’m PPMS

I was wonderi​ng what is the explanation for the serious deterioration in my mobility, which followed this relatively minor illness? I know I will recover what amazing athletic abilities I had before my cold (I wish!) but I’m interested as to why this happens.

thanks, Carolyn

hi carolyn even people without ms suffer weakness after illness but we are very aware of it. your ms nurse would probably say it’s a pseudo relapse caused by infection. give yourself time because we know that our recovery is slower. hope you are soon back on track (the running track) carole x

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I think it’s related to the immune system getting a bit over excited and causing some extra inflammation. This then makes existing MS symptoms to be worse. So fatigue levels go sky high (or rock bottom, depending on your metaphor or choice), muscle weakness is made worse, nerves are challenged, so things like pins and needles, numbness and balance can be worse than usual.

This is my unscientific view of events anyway.

I hope you feel better soon Carolyn and recover your superhuman abilities!


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I think that with m.s. we have a limited supply of energy and when that energy is ‘diverted’ to dealing with another virus it leaves us more knacked than usual. I usually feel better than usual when I’m incubating a virus/infection - as if the infection knocks out the m.s. for a short time. (With apologies for the lack of scientific terminology.)

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