leg pain?

Does anyone else get pain and stiffness in their calf muscle? Is it a symptom or just pulled muscle. ?

hi, I’m not diagnosed but I too get this. It feels like I need to really stretch my legs out( but cannot ) to ease them. Mainly in my left leg;the side where most of my symptoms are but sometimes in r too. It sometimes feels like my leg is going to give way too- luckily this has only happned twice!

Question from me know- the last few days I’ve been gwtting a really odd feeling in my foot.It feels like my toes are trying to curl up. Almost like I’ve squeezed my foot into too small shoes. Weird eh>? anyone else anything similar??

Yep, I have this often in both of my legs. The feeling you get after having done alot of excerise etc - tight muscle, muscle burn etc.

Hello Anon I am not dx yet however I get tight muscles both legs and severe burning pains

in both legs, you are not alone

keep posting


hi I get this to like I’ve had really bad cramp but can’t walk it off along with burning pains n jumpy restless legs I’m not dx’d yet either but had these problems on/off for bout 20yrs :frowning:

Hi Anon - every night I would get stiffness in my legs. Started 250mg magnesium daily - sorted it out. Might be worth a shot Minxx