Does spasticity hurt !

Hi there

below the knee I have a very tight leg. I also get some burning pain .

I was wondering if this is normal for spasticity ? It is a new symptom for me . I also have arthrits , so not sure if it is that. I’m currently undiagnosed with Ms



Mine hurts, but not in the way you describe. I get muscle aches (not burning) because my muscles are too short and tight.

Burning sounds more like nerve pain.

Spasticity - to me - feels more like I overdid it at the gym. Except I don’t go to the gym!

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As far as I know, ‘spasticity’ is typically severe tensing (…or flexing) of the muscle over long enough periods of time to cause ‘locking’ of the limb, so that you’re unable to fully relax (…or un-clench) the muscle.

I get this (…pretty much permanently now) in my right calf which makes it impossible to walk or even balance properly. Just can’t bend or relax the leg anymore.

I don’t think it causes pain normally, but I could easily imagine it causing cramps when it tends to cause muscle to contract when it’s not supposed to ?!!

Never heard of it causing burning pain, though !

I’m sure others will be along shortly to explain this symptom far better than I have.


hi HandL

(too lazy to write your full name although it took a while to write this explanation!)

i get both the burning and spasticity which manifests itself in wonderful cramps!

we certainly are all different with how we experience our symptoms.

just try to get the right meds for you.

carole x

My legs do this, and it can be painful, get sharp pain in my leg muscles until they relax. the burning is probably nerves, so its really 2 symptoms/events in one :confused: there are meds you can try, I take Lyrica for the burning but can’t take any meds for the spasms, it gets worse and I fall down :stuck_out_tongue:

arthritis probably isn’t helping, once again, there are meds for that, but depends on the type of arthritis you have.

Hi Highandlowx

Yes. I get this too. Mine is painful. It is like a cramp feeling. It attacks my calf muscles and they go really tight and painful and stay that way until the muscle relaxes.

The arthritis probably doesn’t help.

Sorry no slug or rat stories lol!!

Shazzie xx

Yup I get both!

There are drugs that can help you though, even if you aren’t diagnosed. I’ve had burning pains in my legs for many years, it didn’t really bother me until it happened on the balls of my feet, I take 2700 mg of Gabapentin per day for this, I take Baclofen for spasms, it does help but doesn’t stop the tight feelings in my legs and around my waist, I suppose I could get more drugs but don’t want to take anything else if I can help it.

I get a multitude of different sensations in my legs, can put up with the pins and needles unless too intense but muscle cramp pain is unbearable buy has definitely improved since I started taking Lyrica

I get muscle burn that I believe is MS, I get it thru my shoulders and upper back, feels like ridiculously tense but for no reason! I think the spasticity is when my legs shake. I also get stiffness with one leg, tough to bend my knee.

Sonia x

i get the tightness but in my right arm. I used to get a "getting your blood pressure taken " type feeling in my left arm. And sometimes i would get the burning felling on my neck shoulder and upper arm.

I think the burning is a seperate symptom along with the tightness

Anyone nearly pass out from these real intense spasms? When they come real bad it looks like something is crawling underneath the surface of my skin.

magnesium oil is brilliant for massaging into the painful parts.