Leg spasticity

Hi all Ive had really bad legs for a few months now so it hurts when i walk too much or when i go upstairs (that really hurts) its feels like ive run a marathon if you get me they hurt and ache today my feet have felt really hot and tingly…is this an ms thing i.e spasticitu or something else do you think? X

Hi Littleem

Sounds like MS to me. I’d speak to your GP or MS nurse/neuro about it, and ask about medications that could help.


Yes sounds ms like to me too. I have had similar things with my foot

Thank you…yes ive got neuro physio and an ot appt soon and have just been started on gabapentin for pain in ny jaw so hoping they will help xx


Yes, I have the same stiff calves all the time. I’m on baclofen and tizanidine muscle relaxants. Speak to your physio for exercises and your MS nurse/neurologist for meds.

I have a block of wood about 2cms high in the kitchen and stand on it on my toes and drop my heels down stretching my calves. Do the same on my sandstone fire place.

Just have to keep going.