leg aches/pain?

are leg aches common with rrms? I mainly feel like my legs are aching when seated but not to a severe point, it just feels weird.

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It might be worth getting a physio to check you out and suggest a programme of gentle stretching exercises.

Lately I’ve noticed, if I’m sat down for too long and then get up, it’s my hips and pelvis that feel stiff and achey; physiotherapy exercises and Baclofen helps quite a bit.

I have lots of ache in my left leg and knee. It feels like growning pains. I cant straighten mt leg with out pain and it feels tight. I take 60mg of codeine, but it only surpresses the pain. X

Yip - I have alot of leg/lower back pain - I just have became accustomed to it to be honest rather than used heavy duty pain killers