Anybody in Glasgow area on LDN? What is my first port of call,GP? Or straight to private consult? Thanks Sheina

Sheina, Glasgow is the ‘home’ of LDN. Dickson’s Homedelivery Pharmacy, 35 Rutherglen Arcade, Glasgow G73 2LS. tel 0141 404 6545

This is where we, nearly all,get our LDN from. l get my prescription from E-med. You need a letter from your GP stating that you have MS. Then you can register with E-med. OR - as you are in Glasgow - try your GP. They can prescribe it - and many do now.

Or there is - lts easy to get - and well worth trying. l have been taking it for about 6yrs. Best thing l ever did.

Not a Cure - not classed as a treatment. But for me it has made me feel more positive - more able to cope with MS symptoms - and l have improved rather then progressed. Best thing l ever did for myself.

Thanks Space Jacket,I will give it a shot