Progressive MS trials at the MS Research Day

Not a lot of information, but there are some trials mentioned near the end. Personally, I think I will be sticking with ldn for a good while yet (ok, for ever).

Hello my name is Gill im new to this site, ive been diagnosed about 4 years but only just ‘embracing’ it.

Can i please ask you how you got your LDN im very keen to try it ive asked my GP, given him the info pack etc. but i wont hold my breath. Thanks in anticipation.

My open minded GP prescribes ldn on the NHS and has done for eight years, so always worth trying yours out first. If that fails then the drug is easily available privately and e med can issue a prescription if you provide evidence that you have MS. Many people on here forward the script to Dicksons Chemist in Glasgow and receive their ldn by post. The details are on this site:

Let me know if you need any help.

Hi Like Whammel i had an understanding GP and i get mines on the NHS. Would say get as much information as possible about LDN before visiting your GP , I gave mines in a few days before appointment