LDN sie effects, how long??

Hi everyone, I am now taking LDN, for nealy 4 weeks. I felt really good after only 2 days, but now feel awful. For the past 3 days I have felt very nauseus (but have not vomited) and today my walking has been terrible (more than usual!). I am sure these must be side effects. I am only taking 1.5 ml but tonight I am going to go back down to 1 ml. What I waas wondering is how long is this feeling likely to last? Because I didn’t get these feelings straight away I was unsure they were side effects but have done some reading into it, and amm sure they must be. Can anyone please help? Thanks Lynne x

hi lynne

a lot of people need to tweak their dosage until they find the right one for them

good luck

carole x

as carole said , what dosage are you on maybe too high, the most i can take is 3mg and have been on it for seven years