First dose of LDN, what to expect?

Hi folks,

My first prescription of LDN arrived today (e-med did the prescription, Dicksons of Rutherglen filled it and sent it up to me), and I’ll take the first 1.5ml dose tonight. What should I expect regarding potential side effects? Also, how long is it before you know if it’s going to make a difference? Questions I maybe should have asked before, but hey, you know what like!



We have been on LDN for over three years too! started on 1.5mg and slowley went up to 3mg any higher and symptoms get worse and wouldnt be without it, noticed improvements in the first few months and did have a few weird dreams but nothing bad.

Good luck my advice would be increase slowly dont rush and dont expect a miracal overnight! xxx

l find it a good idea to take ldn about 3hrs before bed-time - l do this - [when l remember ]- because l have insomnia for years. This way l do not get sleep disturbances. l noticed a difference in my well-being almost straightaway taking ldn.

Hope -you will also.


Thanks for your replies - I took it along with my usual meds just before bed and didn’t sleep well, however that is nothing new. I’m more tired and “iffy” today, but I did have my flu jab this morning, and because I was early, I sat for about an hour in total in the waiting room (had to sit for 20 mins after the jab) full of people with coughs, so I think that would have something to do with not feeling 100%. Dose 2 tonight, will see what tomorrow brings,

Luisa x

Hi luisa, are you still on ldn? if so hows it doing for you? just rec my perscription first dose tonight, all the best Tony.


i have been taking ldn for 5 years.felt benefits within 2 days. as some know i have been having huge relapse since 25 june. i have had niggles but this is first obvious relapse. prior to starting ldn i had 11 relapses in under 2 years. do i still think its working? i believe that it has helped to to be as well as poss for 5 years. theres is no cure as yet,we just have to manage ms as best as we can.

i did miss my ldn for 3 nights approx 3 years ago and had bowel problems. and have never run out again!

for me, its done what it says on the tin-am happy with the choice i have made. i met jo wouk at ldn conference-i liked him-understood were he was coming from but theres a big difference between speaking with someone and reading the written word and understand how he upset some on here-makes me sad that he upset folk whos opinions i respect but at end of day we all make our own choice.

good luck!

ellie x

Thanks ellie, do you take anyother dmd’s? im taken avonex once a week. which touch wood has kept the monster at bay so far in the last 8 months… Tony…

hi tc (cant write that without going down memory lane!)

no-just ldn and amytriptyline

ellie x

ahhhhh x… TC…