LDN questions

Hello all you LDN-users!

I need some advice. I have been trying LDN (on and off) for a few moths now. In the beginning, and a few times in between, it gave me a feeling of real recovery (less numbness, more strentgh in arms) and a wonderful feeling of “normality”. Hard to describe. Now it seems to do nothing. One guess is, that it helped well in periods when I didn’t smoke any cigarettes and did not eat any sweet stuff. My questions to you: 1) Do you feel that nicotine and sugar or anything else is interfering with the effects of LDN? Of course I could just try stopping cigs and sweets, but just seem to need a bit of motivation to do it.

And: 2) I tried anything from 1 mg to 4,5 mg. Might it be worth to go up even higher - or lower again?

Thanks very much in advance for your thoughts; I would so much like to have the wonderful LDN-effect back. I have a strange course of MS; in between relapsing and progressive I think. My symptoms are not yet “showing” on the outside, but weakness, numbness and pain are just making me feel awful most of the time.

Have a lovely Friday evening,

Your Minney

I can’t really help, because I don’t smoke and never eat sweets, but expect you will get a better response from this facebook group, as they have over 10,000 members. Facebook Groups

The best approach with ldn is to start on a low dose (say 1ml) and slowly build up as your body gets used to the drug. Many people find benefit on lower doses, so wouldn’t worry too much about reaching a theoretical maximum and better to stick with the amount that suits you best.

been using ldn 10years now, sweets and chocolate interfere with ldn, i stopped smoking 11 years ago

Do start again with LDN - and follow Whammels advice - give it a good chance - no stopping and starting. As for smoking - well you know yourself that it would help your health if you gave up. That is a no brainer.

When you suffer a disease like MS - you need to keep yourself as fit and healthy as possible.

Thanks Whammel, Joyj and spacejacket for your comments! I have not been smoking or sugaring today - and made the firm decision to stop them both for good. Also, I will take the LDN without stopping in betwenn now and will try a lower dose.

All the best to you!