LDN Does it make any difference taking it mornings or evenings?

Hi I just started LDN was wonder does it make any difference what time of day you take it, is there any benefits from taking it in the morning rather than before bedtime, any advice would be most welcome..

And when did you notice the benefits.

Many thanks Sue xxx

Hiya Sue

Its recommended to take in the evening before going to bed. However, the body has 2 natural endorphin peaks and so some folk take it in the morning. Some have been experimenting with double dosing but theres not much info available re that. Have u looked at yet as lots of info there.

For me its the very last thing I do before going to sleep as if I am awake even for half an hour after taking it then I hallucinate-which is fun! It only stays in you system for approx 4 hours.

I have been taking it for almost 5 years now and I think its amazing.

Ellie x

Hi Ellie

Thanks for replying I started last week so I'm on a low dose but Im already having vivid dreams last one was about spiders not nice, my friend suggested thinking about George Clooney before I went to bed or policemen or any men in uniform, but unfortunately that didn't work..

Think I'll stick to the evening as I wouldn't want to hallucinate like you have.

I'm upping my dose next week hope to start seeing some benefits fingers crossed.

Thanks again Sue x


I prefer to take mine at bedtime, as the second peak is supposed to produce more endorphins. The weird dreams normally only last a couple of weeks, so probably worth persevering.

MSers who experience sleep disturbance tend to opt for daytime dosing otherwise there is no advantage I am aware of.

Would thinking of George Clooney with eight arms help?


Hi again Sue

The hallucinations for me are not scary-a tiger in my room-rationally I knew that wasnt possible! And it is only if I am awake for in excess of 15 minutes after taking my LDN. Hallucinations are the lesser of the evils compared to my symptoms  (in my opinion-I appreciate thats not the same for everyone)

I saw benefits within 48 hours-I had 11 attacks in less than 2 years with carers coming to my home x4 daily to attend to all my needs.I have not had a new attack since starting it but I have had flare ups regarding areas that were damaged in those initial 2 years.

I dont fully understand how it works but its certainly done something extremely beneficial for me.

Theres several on here take LDN-others will share their experiences in time.

Good luck and hope its as beneficial for you thumbsup

Ellie x

Thanks for the advice will keep to the evening and hope the dreams improve, George Clooney with 8 arms

would do me......   Sue


I take mine just before bed - no hallucinations or weird dreams that I'm aware of.  Also no improvement yet, I'm just about to increase to 4ml/day.  I decided before I started (in Oct) that I would give it a year to see if there were any benefits for me.  I'm 7 weeks into a relapse affecting my legs just now - this is the first relapse in a few years, but I had one every so often when I was taking the Beta Interferon injections anyway, so I don't think that this latest one is to do with stopping the jabs (which I did before starting LDN).

Hope it works for you

Luisa x

Thanks for all your comments hope it continues to work for you all.  Im still on the starting dose, hope to up that this weekend.  Have any of you had any problems drinking with LDN would find it hard not to have a glass or two of wine on a weekend though I suppose I could miss a dose if I was going to have a drink.

Thanks again for your thoughts Sue x

One of the uses of Naltrexone is to keep alcoholics off the sauce and rare instances of projectile vomiting have occurred. However, most of us (including me) have no problem with the occasional glass and you should be fine.

It might be worth conducting a trial in the comfort of your own home before popping down the pub.

Will conduct a trail this evening in the comfort of m friends home, but it will be more than one glass, hope I won't have the projectile vomiting...though it may improve the decor....


Sue x


although your friend may not appreciate it…

L x


Take mine first thing in the morning.  Don't know about dreams. 

Great stuff, definitely put my bladder under control, stop it having silly spasms but still got to do internittent selfcathererisation.

I'm sure its helped energy levels and made me easier to live with and less self critical.


l take mine a couple of hours before going to bed - then it does not disturb my sleep.

LDN has been great for me.


Hi Sue! I take 4.5 at night and hope I dream of Bo Derek, seriously though it,s great and makes me feel pre MS, still walk like Gregory House and have poor balance, but feel so much more alive and positive, hope it works the same for you,


take care x Peter

l know just what you mean Peter - LDN makes me feel more alive and positive - and more able to cope with my ms symptoms. l know its not a cure - but in the 3yrs l have taken it - l am certainly a lot better - and best of all - l have not ‘progressed’.



Hi Sue! I take 4.5 at night and hope I dream of Bo Derek, seriously though it,s great and makes me feel pre MS, still walk like Gregory House and have poor balance, but feel so much more alive and positive, hope it works the same for you,

take care x Peter

Thanks Peter

I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping it works for me, I’m still on the starting dose due to increase soon, be nice to feel positive again…

Sue x