Hi all,

Just wondering if someone on LDN could give me some info please?

Just wondered how often you take it and also does it have side effects?

thank you


You take it every day (I take mine in the evening, but lots of people take it at different times), and not everybody gets side effects, but I get a sore neck when I increase the dose (still early days). You start on a very small dose and increase it every couple of weeks - I wait until my neck stops being sore before I increase the dose again.

Luisa x

Hi K

I take 4.5mg at bedtime-have done for 5 years now.

Have you looked at www.ldnresearchtrust.org yet as an abundance of info there

Ellie x

I take mine once per day at bedtime. The possibility of side effects can be minimised by starting on a low dose and building up slowly, as you get used to the stuff.

thank you for all your replies …i will have a read up before I see the nurse next

Hello Chelsey,

There is a websiet where you can listen to people who have taken LDN Try null - YouTube Its the YOUTUBE site for LDN

LDN Research site is at www.ldnresearchtrust.org.

I hope the information helps you.



As Patrick has said - do look at the youtube website. l have been taking LDN for 3yrs - with very good results - wish l had known about it years ago. But after looking at the youtube videos l was astonished at how many other diseases it also helps. l should think we all know someone with one of the illnesses. l always pass on the ‘knowledge’ of LDN to anyone who l hear have been diagnosed - now l am passing on the news to other folk l know with Parkinsons/Coeliac/Psoriatic Arthritis etc.

l had the chance of doing one of the interviews - but shame on me - l could not be bothered. Now l feel l should have shared my experience.