ldn/avonex ??

Hi all, hope you are ok, i want to start ldn, had it del today privately, gp/nuero wont perscribe just wondered if anyone takes ldn with avonex? i called the avonex helpline and they say there are no listed interactions, does anyone on here use the two meds together? regards to all… Tony…

No experience, but many others successfully combine DMD’s & ldn.

This is one of those issues where the answer varies a bit depending on who you ask, which really means there is no hard evidence anywhere on the subject.

This is true when most drugs are mixed in that it is more down to clinical judgement than fact and as with all judgements some ‘experts’ take one view others take another.

All I can add is that when I did my research for my wife in 2004 concerning LDN I contacted about 100 people for their experience of LDN and at that time the only people I could find were in the US and started LDN whilst taking various of the licenced drugs. I found no one who had had any problems with the mix and in general most people who found LDN worked for them dropped the licenced drugs. However not everyone did that and some kept on with both treatments seemingly without problems.

A lot of this depends on what you think Avonex is doing for you because clearly you are not going to want to drop something effective in favour of experimenting with something else that may or may not help you.

All I can suggest if you do decide to experiment with LDN then you keep a detailed log of what your symptoms are now and then what happens when you start LDN. This is necessary anyway with LDN since you have in some way to find out what dose of LDN is right for you, since it can be very individually dose critical for some. My wife for instance 2.8Mg has held her condition stable for the last 8 years but 4.5Mg was a disaster and 1.5Mg was not sufficient to stop disease progress. Others however do not seem to find it that dose critical at all.

Unfortunately there are no magic answers to any of this.

All the best whatever you decide to do.


Yes, you can safely take beta-interferon with LDN. There’s a few LDN ‘experts’ who claim that you can’t, but to put it bluntly, they are wrong.

If you check out the LDN Trust info, there’s information about this and on the LDN Now website there is also helpful information about how LDN works.

Whether or not you tell your neuro or not, is up to you. All I can add is that in my case, LDN alone didn’t prevent a devastating relapse. I had been on beta-interferon (Rebif) since 01 and ran out when I moved to Spain in 08 and so I started LDN. It felt very good and I had some fabulous dreams to start with and my bladder worked completely normally - it had been overractive for a couple of years.

After I got out hospital my new neuro had asked for funding for me to restart Rebif and so I I did and also got back on to LDN.

I wouldn’t ever stop my beta-interferon now - it works and my neuro is happy for me to keep taking it. He doesn’t know about the LDN, as that’s complicated here in Spain. I’m not taking it right now as I’m having tests for a complicated illness, but I will restart the LDN sometime in the future.

Thanks all for your replys, im going to give it a go! i must say this site can be a breath of fresh air at times. regards To All… Tony.