Interferon and ldn

Hello all. Having spoken to my brother in Canada, he was recommending ldn to me, telling me how it has helped his son with health problems. So after endless research, I read it was acceptable to use with DMDs. After going to the moon and back to find a way to get it prescribed I sent off my email application/info required today. Now I’ve read that it is not suitable with Interferons, which I’m using. :frowning:

Does this mean it would be dangerous and will my script be refused, does anybody know please?

Many people now combine DMD’s with ldn and they are perfectly compatible. You can’t take opiates with ldn, but that’s just about the only drugs to avoid.

I am sure your pharmacist will be able to confirm this is correct.

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I take LDN and beta interferon. The advice about the two being incompatible comes from a time when the LDN evangelists thought that LDN boosts your immune system and that beta interferon was an immune suppressor.

Both opinions are incorrect. At an LDN conference someone gave a presentation that shows that both modulate the immune system so that it doesn’t over react to MS triggers.

Since then lots of people take both, despite the old advice still lurking around. It’s time to get everyone singing from the same song sheet.



Thank you both for the replies.

Whammel I’ve taken the plunge and ordered a script from a UK doctor. All through LDN Research site. I’ve filled in the forms and all the info online and am awaiting an email and script (hopefully,no problems) on Monday. My GP was reluctant to prescribe despite handing her the info prior to my appointment. I see my Neuro in a couple of weeks and had spoken to the MS nurse who works closely with her. MS nurse had heard of it but knew nothing. She asked me to email her the link to the info as she herself would be interested in reading it. She would inform my Neuro about it and run it past her before my appointment.

Considering my Neuro doesn’t even want me to go on to Tecfidera (instead of my current Plegridy), in hindsite, I don’t even think I’ll bring the subject up! If I get ldn privately, I intend to use it and, with any luck, next time I have an appointment, I’ll have something positive and conclusive to report.

Whammel, reading as many posts about it, I know you use it. Would you be happy to share your experiences of it with me. If you feel I’m being intrusive and you’re not comfortable discussing it, I’ll totally understand.

Of course I am happy to help if I can, but one persons experience isn’t much of a guide to how ldn will work for you.

You are best to start with liquid ldn because you can adjust the dose so easily. Start on a low dose, say 1ml and increase by .5ml every two weeks, or as you get used to the drug. The idea of a slow introduction is to minimise the chance of any side effects and build up tolerance. The drug only stays in your body for 4/6 hours, so any problems just stop taking the stuff and you will be fine.

Most people find that 4.5ml is the maximum dose, but a lower amount may suit you best and that’s obviously the one you should stick with.

Was there anything specific you wanted to know?

Yes, my thoughts were to start slow and low dose. Nothing specific to ask really. I suppose I’m just excited st the prospect of a possible relief from my stiffness for any small length of time. To hope for any recovery of stamina for my walking is probably hoping for a miracle! I am hoping for a mood lift though. The feel good factor…does that actually happen, with the endorphins?

I have been taking ldn since 2004 and most of the modest improvements are still with me today, although walking has deteriorated, but at a much slower pace. Mind you, I also use a gym regularly and that has helped me to keep what I have.

It’s true that ldn can act as a mood enhancer, but obviously nothing is guaranteed and best to keep those expectations in check.

Fingers crossed.

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I’ll keep you posted. :slight_smile:

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I was wondering why your Neuro doesn’t want you to take Tecfidera? I am currently on Avonex and the Neuro I saw in December mentioned Tecfidera. I’m trying to decide what to do.


She’s concerned about the risk of pml. She knows someone who has it (not from Tec.) and assures me it isn’t pleasant. My argument is, bloods are monitored so closely, if there’s a problem it would get picked up soon enough. I see her again end of February, and with new recent mri results, we’ll discuss it further.

Just a small update. I took my first dose of ldn two days ago and for the first time in a very, very long time I slept. I mean real, undisturbed, quality sleep. It was so good. I don’t care if it’s a placebo effect or really a medical help! If this helps then I’m happy. It beats my mug of cocoa, actually, I’ll take both. :slight_smile: